More organic and non GMO food instead of pesticides and “Frankenfood”
Organic choices have been around for a long time but for 2013 we really foresee that this trend will boom together with the active choice of not going for GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Thanks to the widespread effect of internet’s scary reports of GMO and pesticides that are suddenly available to the public, stories like this one cannot be stopped: Within a very short time, three women gave birth to children with extremely severe birth defects. These women all lived near and worked on tomato fields and were exposed to pesticides on a regular basis of which some were known “developmental and reproductive toxins”.

Regarding GMO, Dr. Mercola writes: “An analysis of 19 animal studies revealed that nearly 10 percent of blood, urine, organ and other parameters tested were significantly influenced by GMOs, with the livers and kidneys faring the worst.” Monsanto had a focus groups testing their GMO cucumbers and Dr. Nancy Walker, Director of Public Health Research at Dalhousie in Canada said “Fully 3/4 of the people who ate these cukes had their crotch area hair fall out. This is not a joking matter at all…these people now have hairless heinies.” More and more people start to be wary about GMO and the province Nova Scotia in Canada have banned Monsanto GMO food products. Monsanto Inc, issued a statement saying, “Next generation fruits and vegetables, including VO5 cucumbers, are safe for human consumption with some potential minor side effects. Some fine-tuning is underway.” Well, before that fine tuning is done, we hope that the trend for 2013 will be non GMO-foods on the plates.

Taken from Raison d’Etre’s Nutrition Trends for 2013

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